Westlake Village and Long Beach Lip Lift

A youthful lip is a shorter, fuller upper lip with a defined border between the skin and lip vermilion (pigmented area). Additionally, a slight curl of the upper lip edge is usually seen in a more youthful lip.

A lip lift is a surgical technique to shorten the upper lip skin length between the nasal base and upper lip border which has lengthened due to aging. The scar lies between the nostril borders at the base of the nose. Extra upper lip skin is excised using a shape like a gull (bird) wing. The skin edges approximated with no stitches visible after closure of the incision. The incision can be covered with makeup after one week. The scar flattens and fades over a couple of months. This technique restores a shorter, but more balanced, upper lip which creates further balance for natural, rejuvenated lips.

If you are considering a lip lift, talk with Dr. Powers about what you’d like to achieve. Call our Long Beach office at 562-427-8866 or our Westlake Village office at 805-379-3104.