Westlake Village and Long Beach Breast Augmentation

As an experienced female plastic surgeon, Dr. Powers understands how to sculpt the female figure in a youthful, natural-looking, and attractive way. It is one of the reasons that Westlake Village and Long Beach patients choose her for breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation procedures enhance or restore breasts with greater fullness and volume. Patients often choose the procedure because the size or shape of their breasts has altered over time or due to motherhood. Other women decide to have breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Powers because they are ready for a change in their appearance after completion of breast development lacked symmetry and/or volume.

In the procedure, Dr. Powers creates a pocket using an incision (either under the breast or around the areola) to place breast implants for a new shape or size of the breasts. Implants go behind the pectoral muscle and breast tissue or in front of the muscle. Dr. Powers uses silicone gel and saline implants. Silicone gel implants returned for the general use by plastic surgeons after approved by the Federal Drug Administration in 2006.

What to Expect

Dr. Powers will take the time to help Westlake Village and Long Beach breast augmentation patients understand their options and to choose the best approach for their procedure. She may recommend based on the examination a type of breast lift at the same time.

Breast augmentation can offer patients breasts that look and feel similar to their own. However, occasionally, the final appearance and texture may not be exactly the same as natural breasts. There is a chance for asymmetry and ptosis following the procedure. Patients should understand the risks involved with this surgery and with the breast implants chosen after discussion with Dr. Powers.

Dr. Powers plans procedures carefully and takes into account the individual goals and needs of her patients to limit these issues. After a series of evaluations and consultations, the procedure takes place in a certified surgery center. Patients receive general anesthesia from board certified anesthesiologists. Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure with patients sent home after surgery in the company of a responsible adult.

New Change

Dr. Powers advises Westlake Village and Long Beach patients to avoid activities that require repetitive lifting or raising of the arms for about 10 days after breast augmentation. Usually, they can get back to desk work in a few days. Strenuous movement and lifting should be limited for 3-4 weeks.

It will take several months before the breasts reach their final shape, feel and size as that period of time is needed for complete swelling to go down and the skin to relax. During this period, the breasts may feel firm then gradually soften. Patients can expect breasts that are fuller, more symmetric and with the desired size goals discussed preoperatively with Dr. Powers.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, talk with Dr. Powers about what you’d like to achieve. Call our Long Beach office at 562-427-8866 or our Westlake Village office at 805-379-3104.