shell icon Mary Powers, MD, FACS: Confidence Builder

Dr. Mary Powers“I want your decision to pursue change to be the right choice for you. When we meet for your consultation, I will listen to the goals you want to accomplish, help you understand the procedures I recommend to achieve the goals and explain what you can expect from your results. I understand that your plastic surgery is a journey of true self-investment. My team and I will work together to provide you the most positive outcome and memorable experience from your journey.” – Dr. Mary Powers

Dr. Powers is a board-certified plastic surgeon in private practice for more than twenty years in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. Her patients appreciate her unique combination of surgical skill and artistic talent that comes from a lifetime of painting that has won awards and accolades. Please see Dr. Powers’ Art for her recent work.

Dr. Powers has held multiple hospital and academic appointment as well as association memberships. She has contributed to medical research publications, and received training from some of the nation’s top centers of surgery. However, it is the relationships she has formed with patients, the care she has provided, and the outcomes achieved with them that best represent her skill and talent as a plastic surgeon. Learn more about Dr. Mary Powers’ work as a plastic surgeon, and get to know her and her team. Read more

Why patients choose our practice

People become patients when they choose plastic surgery to create a real, permanent change in their appearance to express their inner self-image.

Patients from Westlake Village to Long Beach who choose Dr. Powers’ practice know that for her achieving the desired goal is a top priority, along with patient safety and support. Surgery is performed in state-of-the-art certified centers. The surgical journey will be closely followed with direct communication and follow-up visits until the goals are achieved. Dr. Powers’ door is always open and welcoming to her patients – past, present and future.

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